By Geoff Johns,Ed Brubaker,Sean Phillips,Scott McDaniel,Andy Owens

BRUCE WAYNE IS A sought after MAN.

Vesper Fairchild, former female friend of Bruce Wayne, has been chanced on shot to demise in Wayne Manor. Bruce-the police’s best suspect-is instantly taken into custody, expecting trial for homicide. yet how can Batman end up his regulate ego’s innocence if he’s caught in the back of bars?

As the case unfolds, Bruce Wayne’s lifestyles and recognition in Gotham are all yet destroyed. Batman is left with a decision: grasp to his now-shattered civilian lifestyles as Bruce Wayne? Or abandon that identify thoroughly and embody his different id, residing exclusively as Gotham’s darkish Knight?

Awarding-winning author Ed Brubaker (GOTHAM vital, SLEEPER), in addition to artists Scott McDaniel (NIGHTWING) and Andy Owens (GREEN ARROW), make the Caped Crusader into Gotham’s so much sought after fugitive!

Collects BATMAN #598-607.

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