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Planet Rinda Reboot

I’m not sure that there is anyone out there still reading this blog but, regardless, I wanted to announce that I’m rebooting, restarting, and just generally refocusing this website.  I haven’t posted here in quite literally years.  I’ve been busy living my life, writing and working.  I’m not sure what direction this site will take after this.  It probably won’t be all that different from what it is now.  I simply hate to see it lying dormant and getting musty.  So, my goal is to post something new here at least once a week from now on.  Feel free to poke me if I start slacking off again.  I’ll probably need it!

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Rinda’s Best of Anime Music Video’s – Part Two

     The second part of my Best Of Anime Music Videos continues by highlighting even more wonderful amvs!  While part one focused more on feel good music, this part focuses on the harder edged music that I love so much.  Each amv listed below combines fantastic music with razor sharp editing and incredible visuals.  These are truly some of the very best!  Enjoy…

Best Of You Amv – This amv is one of the best I have ever seen.  It combines the most amazing assortment of anime with actual band video footage.  It could easily pass for a professional music video.  And the variety of anime used with this amv is staggering.  The editing is dead-on.  It’s just perfect!!

Anime: Various Music: Foo Fighters – “Best of You”

Bleach Headstrong - An action oriented amv that really captures the feel of Bleach. It’s rapid fire editing is well suited to the song and I love the way the amv encapsulates the storylines of several of the main characters as well!

Anime: Bleach Music: Trapt – “Headstrong”

Beck – Linkin Park A Place For My Head – A rocking amv that takes full advantage of Beck’s storyline of struggling muscians trying to break into the business. The lip synching is wonderful. I watch this amv and I’m not sure if it’s Linkin Park that I’m hearing or Beck.

Anime: Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Music: Linkin Park – “A Place For My Head”

Battle Hymn of the Konoha – This Naruto amv is a bittersweet tribute to the Third Hokage and to the village of Konoha itself. It’s a visual reminder of the lengths each of the villagers will go to protect each other and their home. When combined with Flogging Molly’s rousing battle cry, the end result is amazing.

Anime: Naruto Music: Flogging Molly – “What’s Left of the Flag”

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Rinda’s Best of Anime Music Video’s – Part One

    In an effort to ease myself back into the habit of posting on a regular basis here, I’m falling back on an old standby of mine, the amv.  The anime music video combine two of my most favorite things in the world…music and anime.  I want to highlight what I consider the Best Of Anime Music Videos.  The videos that I’ve chosen all include music and anime that are personal favorites of mine but my choices weren’t based entirely on that.  These videos represent what I consider the most creative melding of the two genres.  The animes used are well matched to the music, the videos are beautifully edited and the music will rock your socks off!  So for your listening and viewing pleasure, I present Rinda’s Best Of AMV’s Part One…

Understanding Rukia – This amv completely nails the complicated but wonderful relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. It’s perfect!

Anime: Bleach Music: Icicle Works – Understanding Jane

Code Monkey – Truly one of my favorite amv’s! The song rocks and the anime is very underrated. It’s a great blend of music, humor and scifi. If you’ve never seen it, you really should.

Anime: The Legend of Black Heaven Music: Jonathan CoultonCode Monkey

Champloo Butterfly – An amazing blend of anime and music, these two are perfectly suited for each. And the music will stay with you long after the video is finished.

Anime: Samurai Champloo Music: Aqua – Butterfly

Funny Naruto AMV Mix – This is a collection of snippets from various songs and movies set to signature moments from Naruto. Hilarious!

Anime: Naruto Music: Various

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Merry Christmas

I know that I haven’t been posting and updating as I should be but I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I hope all your dreams come true today! 

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No, I’m Not Quite Dead Yet….

     First off, I just want to apologize for my sporadic postings lately.  First, it was DragonCon.  Second, I’ve been doing a lot of writing on my own lately (if I decide it’s fan-ready, I’ll post some of it here).  And lastly, I’ve been sick.  All pitiful excuses but unfortunately true.  So please, forgive me and be patient.  I’ll be back up to posting on a more regular basis soon.


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Disappearing Acts

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a few days. Between work, preparing for the upcoming convention DragonCon and some personal writing that I’ve been doing…well, I’ve just been a bit distracted! I promise to back on my posting bandwagon very soon! Thanks for your patience!

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