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Ouran High School Host Club Giveaway!

Calling all Ouran High Host Club Fans!

Not only is the US release of the English Dub due on October 28th, but AnimeFansOnline is having a giveaway for a gorgeous Ouran High wall scroll. The scroll features all your favs from Ouran High School Host Club in their best tropical finery. Plus it’s autographed by Vic Mignogna, the gifted voice actor who’s the English voice of Tamaki Suou, the President of the Host Club. So if you’re a fan of Ouran High School Host Club, one of the funniest, best all-around animes out there, or a fan of Vic’s or just love free stuff (and this is a seriously wicked cool wall scroll!), then you should head over to AnimeFansOnline Autographed Wall Scroll Giveaway and check it out!

Ouran High School scroll

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It’s not easy being a god…seriously!

     Kamichu!- roughly translated this means god who is a middle school student.  It’s also the title of a delightful little anime from Geneon.  The story centers on Yurie Hitotsubashi, a typical junior high student, who wakes up one day to realize that she’s become a god.  It sounds really strange but the story is anything but.  It’s sweet, funny and full of heart.  The animation is gorgeous and the characters, Yurie and her friends from school, are wonderfully real. 

     The artwork as well as the story itself remind me of the works of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.  There is a gentle quality to the anime that warms the heart.  Yurie herself is a shy, adorable young girl.  Her best friend Mitsue Shijo is a practical, down to earth girl that always seems to have the best advice for Yurie.  Matsuri Saegusa befriends Yurie once she learns of her new god-like powers.  She and her sister run a Shinto shrine in their hometown.  Her sister, Miko Saegusa, a shrine maiden, is the only one other than Yurie who can see spirits and other gods.

      With the help of her friends, she slowly learns to deal with her new god-like abilities as the story progresses.  She also struggles with more everyday problems that often plague teenagers.  She has a crush on Kenji Ninomiya, the president of their school’s calligraphy club. The problem is that he doesn’t know Yurie’s alive, at least not at first.  Other characters include Yashima, the local deity at Matsuri and Miko’s family shrine.  He helps Yurie adjust to becoming a god while secretly longing to be a rock star himself.  All of the characters are endearing in their own way.  You’ll find yourself being drawn into their simple yet inviting world as you watch.  Kamichu! is one of those rare animes that slip into your heart and win you over without trying.  I strongly recommend this anime to fans of all ages.  It is truly a treasure. 

Kamichu Yurie with her friends Matsuri and Mitsue

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Studio Ghibli
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Rinda’s Best of Anime Music Video’s – Part Two

     The second part of my Best Of Anime Music Videos continues by highlighting even more wonderful amvs!  While part one focused more on feel good music, this part focuses on the harder edged music that I love so much.  Each amv listed below combines fantastic music with razor sharp editing and incredible visuals.  These are truly some of the very best!  Enjoy…

Best Of You Amv – This amv is one of the best I have ever seen.  It combines the most amazing assortment of anime with actual band video footage.  It could easily pass for a professional music video.  And the variety of anime used with this amv is staggering.  The editing is dead-on.  It’s just perfect!!

Anime: Various Music: Foo Fighters – “Best of You”

Bleach Headstrong - An action oriented amv that really captures the feel of Bleach. It’s rapid fire editing is well suited to the song and I love the way the amv encapsulates the storylines of several of the main characters as well!

Anime: Bleach Music: Trapt – “Headstrong”

Beck – Linkin Park A Place For My Head – A rocking amv that takes full advantage of Beck’s storyline of struggling muscians trying to break into the business. The lip synching is wonderful. I watch this amv and I’m not sure if it’s Linkin Park that I’m hearing or Beck.

Anime: Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Music: Linkin Park – “A Place For My Head”

Battle Hymn of the Konoha – This Naruto amv is a bittersweet tribute to the Third Hokage and to the village of Konoha itself. It’s a visual reminder of the lengths each of the villagers will go to protect each other and their home. When combined with Flogging Molly’s rousing battle cry, the end result is amazing.

Anime: Naruto Music: Flogging Molly – “What’s Left of the Flag”

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Battle Hymn of the Konoha
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Rinda’s Best of Anime Music Video’s – Part One

    In an effort to ease myself back into the habit of posting on a regular basis here, I’m falling back on an old standby of mine, the amv.  The anime music video combine two of my most favorite things in the world…music and anime.  I want to highlight what I consider the Best Of Anime Music Videos.  The videos that I’ve chosen all include music and anime that are personal favorites of mine but my choices weren’t based entirely on that.  These videos represent what I consider the most creative melding of the two genres.  The animes used are well matched to the music, the videos are beautifully edited and the music will rock your socks off!  So for your listening and viewing pleasure, I present Rinda’s Best Of AMV’s Part One…

Understanding Rukia – This amv completely nails the complicated but wonderful relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. It’s perfect!

Anime: Bleach Music: Icicle Works – Understanding Jane

Code Monkey – Truly one of my favorite amv’s! The song rocks and the anime is very underrated. It’s a great blend of music, humor and scifi. If you’ve never seen it, you really should.

Anime: The Legend of Black Heaven Music: Jonathan CoultonCode Monkey

Champloo Butterfly – An amazing blend of anime and music, these two are perfectly suited for each. And the music will stay with you long after the video is finished.

Anime: Samurai Champloo Music: Aqua – Butterfly

Funny Naruto AMV Mix – This is a collection of snippets from various songs and movies set to signature moments from Naruto. Hilarious!

Anime: Naruto Music: Various

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Bleach-ing Out My Writing

     First off, I feel that I must apologize for my absence. I’ve been happily exploring the world of fanfiction, specifically Bleach fanfics. I’ve posted a few of my works and it’s gone surprisingly well. The world didn’t end. I didn’t get crushed by flamers. And I’ve actually gotten better at taking constructive criticism. But honestly, the best part about it…I love it! I’ve always enjoyed the writing. But I’ve come to realize that I enjoy the feedback from the other fans as well. It is so cool to share my writing with other Bleach fans who appreciate and love the characters as I do. It truly is a great feeling.

Young Kenpachi
Come on! Read the damn story.

     I haven’t stopped writing my own original work either. In a strange way, the fanfic writing helps me. I’m able to exorcise avenues and themes that I really don’t want to put in my original writing but eat at me. They’re just very different but seem to feed off of each other.

     So, if you’re interested…you can check out some of my Bleach fanfiction here at As far as my original work, you’ll have to wait a little longer for that.

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BLEACH is Back

     This Saturday, March 1, marks the return of the English dubbed episodes of the incredibly wonderful anime BLEACH to Adult Swim.  As a huge fan of BLEACH, both the manga and the anime, this is a big deal for me.  I’ve seen the anime in both the original Japanese (with English subtitles) as well as the English dub version.  I think the dub for BLEACH is great.  The voice acting is top notch and it really seems like they tried to match the English voices to their Japanese counterparts. If you’re not a fan of Bleach or have never seen the series, this is a great time to start.

Bleach Group Pic 2
Ichigo Kurosaki and Friends

      BLEACH is an action oriented, Shonen style anime.  It tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15 year old high school student, who has the ability to see ghosts and spirits.  After a run-in with a shinigami (or Soul Reaper in the English version) he discovers the true depth of his abilities and a world that he never knew existed.  It’s a fast paced story full of humor and drama.  The characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional.  They quickly become your friends.  That’s the kind of story BLEACH is.  It truly pulls you in.  

      BLEACH began as a manga written by Tite Kubo for Shonen Jump.  It was adapted into an anime and has become a huge hit worldwide.  The art work is wonderful.  The characters are realistic, hilarious and very dangerous.  The story telling is some of the finest you’re going to find out there.  It’s both epic and highly personal.  I can’t say enough good things about BLEACH.  If you’re familiar with the manga or the anime, I hope you will be there with me on Saturday night as the new episodes return to American airwaves.  If you’re new to the story, give it a chance.  It will surprise you!

Original BLEACH Adult Swim Promo

Japanese Promo for BLEACH

Meet Orihime Inoue on Adult Swim

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