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Bowling For Soup

     Music!  I just love music!  Now my tastes in music are as varied as all my other weird tastes in things.  I enjoy a good tear jerker or dark ballad as much as the next person but who says music has to be all angst-ridden and dripping with pain?  All Mr. Billowy coat, King of pain, to quote Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It seems like there’s just too much of that on the radio these days.  I prefer something fun, something upbeat, something that can actually take your mind off the day to day minutia and make you feel like singing along!  There is one band out there that I can always trust for that warm, fuzzy feeling…Bowling For Soup.  How can you not like a band who’s name is based on a Steve Martin skit!  If you’re unfamiliar with this band, then you’re truly missing out.  Not only is their music good, old-fashioned rock and roll, it’s funny, irreverent and catchy. 
      This Texas-based band started back in 1994.  After several albums and a Grammy nomination, they continue to crank out great music and the occasional movie soundtrack.  Now, it’s tough for me to pick a single Bowling For Soup song as my favorite because I have several favorites by them!  They are on my short list for guaranteed feel-good music.  I have compiled a list of some of what I consider they’re best though for you to enjoy.  After weeding through a lot of crap, I selected what I consider the best of the best…the best anime with the best Bowling For Soup songs.  I hope that you agree…Enjoy!

An amazing AMV combining a gorgeous song with an amazing anime!

Perfect song, perfect anime! No need to say more!

A song I truly identify with set to an anime that I also identify way too closely with!

I almost didn’t add this song! ;)

The song that inspired this whole post!

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Bowling For Soup
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High School Never Ends
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